Assignment 03. Poetry.

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For the third assignment of my degree, English Literature and Creative Writing with The Open University I was required to write 40 lines of poetry. This could be one poem or any number. I havent even looked at a poem since high school and was a little worried about completing this assignment. Read my attempts below and let me know what you think. Bandstand   Here I stand, upon the stand, where once the band did play. now will play, the story of our love, that love, bound with holy vow, we take that vow, willingly before our witness, who bore witness … Read More

Moonchild: The Fable.

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For the latest assignment of my degree in English Literature and Creative Writing with The Open University, I was asked to write a fictional story of no more than 2200. For it I chose to use an idea I have had for a while of a story set in a world without night. This piece is a fable or legend, a fairy tale if you like, told within that fantasy world as to what happened to the night. I hope you enjoy the piece and please leave your thoughts in the comments below. *** Moonchild.   Long ago there was a baby … Read More