Welcome To Hell Damini

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Produced and narrated by Mark, the audiobook Welcome to hell Damini by John Otis Biggs is now available for purchase from Amazon and Audible.

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Damini is a teenage girl accidentally assigned to Hell. As one can guess, she wants out. To get reassigned to Paradise, she needs to unlock her mysterious past. A boy named Tuck is very much alive and willing to help her in exchange for his own ethereal answers. As the pair travel around the world to cut through the red tape of Hell’s bureaucracy, they befriend an odd collection of demons and creatures. Focused on their own quest, they step right into Satan’s plan for retirement…if he can just survive long enough to get there. But who exactly wants him eliminated? Or maybe a better question for the sake of saving time, who doesn’t? Damini and Tuck need answers fast to keep Hell from falling under the control of someone really bad. Note from the Author: Yes, worse than Satan.

The book recently reached #6 on Amazon’s best fiction / satire list.

The audiobook is now available for purchase from Amazon and Audible.

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